Omnichannel Messaging Allows Businesses To Personalize the Modern Customer Journey

The customer experience is changing. Once upon a time, small and medium businesses could follow a standardized consumer journey to understand what was happening and how they could better connect with clients.

Today, that journey is nonlinear. Potential purchasers are more empowered than ever, and they’re taking full advantage of that. They recognize their pain points, do their research, investigate options, and ultimately expect retailers to cater to the new experience.

How are businesses like yours expected to keep up? The secret lies in applying omnichannel e-commerce platforms to personalize the customer journey. Here’s how that works.

Understand Customer Preferences

If the customer experience is no longer linear, how is a business supposed to understand it?

Fortunately, nonlinear does not have to mean overly complicated. In some respects, the client experience is simpler than ever. You can recognize their pain points and engage with them on the channels they prefer.… Read the rest